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"I am very experienced with Apple products and am happy to share what I have learnt. I am always asked how to do something by friends and family on their Apple products.

I also have good knowledge of using keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Office, because I was taught to use them on a computer with keyboard shortcuts."

Daizy Woodrowe, Iris Centre, Crewe

"Hannah always manages to stay steps ahead of us where Apple products are concerned. She keeps up to day with the latest products and will always help anyone out who needs it. This has stood her in good stead to now help teach others how to use their Apple products."

Lee Forrester

"Hannah is great at showing me how to use Apple products with voiceover enabled, she knows a lot about it all. I would highly recommend her to help reach people to learn how to use them. There isn't much that she doesn't know about the products."

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