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Hi I'm Hannah,

"I am totally blind with no light perception and I am
a guide dog owner from Crewe.

I teach people including visually impaired, those
with other disabilities and their support networks in
the use of Apple products with accessibility
features and Microsoft office products with
keyboard shortcuts.

I also promote disability awareness and
empowerment through talks to different groups
and organisations for example schools, colleges,
universities and local scout and guide groups,
discussing the challenges faced and how I seek to
overcome them.

I also consult business and organisations on how
they can make their apps, products, websites and
buildings more accessible for disabled people.

I now also work for Real Life Learning Limited as
their Marketing assistant and Workplace mentor.

If you would like help with your tech or to join me
on my journey give me a call."

Hannah's logo-01.png
photograph of Hannah and her guide dog
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